Friday, June 11, 2010

Taking Heat

Ok, I just want to be clear about something.  The Rules of Family are the rules.  It's pretty clear to me that if you are a breathing human being, it's the same. Don't mess with someone and their mother, heck even bears and moose know that.  BUT! it doesn't mean you don't break them. Sometimes you have to. It only means that people won't thank you.  For example, your child is married to a low class no good. You couldn't stop it, and now they've got kids. And the guy is bad news, really bad.  You step in, break things up because you figure your kid is going to end up hurt or worse.  You do it because you have to. BUT do not under any circumstances expect gratitude. You may get it, but you may just as likely get attitude. Trust me. If you don't understand that this is a likely, normal reaction, you will be in for big surprises...

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