Thursday, July 01, 2010

Who can you talk to

 Who can you say what to? If you don't have this straight you can really mess things up.    Let me  help you out. You belong to a bunch of groups, some tighther than others. First off there's your mother and you. You can say anything to your mother about anyone, and no one can say a word.  If you want to rave about how your hubby's mother is a raving lunatic who ought to be housed in the third basement of the local looney bin, no one can tell you not to. However, YOUR mother can't tell anyone what you've said except her hubby and maybe your siblings. Now of course, it may not be a good idea to stir up bad blood between families, which is what this is, but you certainly can't rage at your hubby about his mom.  That is NEVER in any circumstance a good idea. The only exception to this is that it's not good to trash your own kids to your mother, because the rule about never getting in between someone and their mother also applies to you getting in between you and your own kids.The only exception to this rule is talking with the co-creator of the child, and even then things are at a very sad state of affairs if the parents are trashing their kids for any reason whatsoever.