Monday, October 03, 2016

This election

This election is driving people crazy. Not me, of course, I'm already crazy, but I've also been around the block. FIRST, let me give you some advice. There is no point talking to your relatives that disagree with you. Trust me. It's pointless. Are you going to change their minds? I doubt it. Are you going to make Thanksgiving dinners any more pleasant? I doubt it even harder. There is only agita and aggravation.
People, your options
  1. Change the subject
  2. Ignore the question
  3. Walk out of the room to "visit the restroom"
  4. Feign deafness or stupidity
  5. Have the discussion.
    • Do not expect anything good to come of having the discussion.   
    • Now if the person in question is saying something that you can not in good conscience let go you have the last option
  6. Burn down the house.  
    • Tell them exactly what you think
    • Then walk out, or throw them out, depending on who is hosting
    • Expect drama and division to dog you until you breathe your last.