Friday, May 14, 2010

Mind your own Beeswax

A question came in from Fort Maryton...
            When is it ok to butt in?  My neighbor down the  block has a brother whose son is a no good lying two face ratfink SOB.  And I mean no disrespect to the rest of two face ratfinks, who tell  the truth and are legit.  Whatever. This guy is no good. And he married a sweetie pie, who has no clue that he is sleeping around with UPS delivery lady, this week! Last week it was the cheerleading coach, and the month before that, the sister of the wife he's making a fool of.   Everyone knows, except the wife.  And everyone says, butt out. No one will take pity.  Should I? 

Dear Concerned,
            No good answer for that, because whatever you do, the guy will still be a stinker.  I'd tell, but I'd understand that there is a 90% chance  (which for all you brainiacs out there, means 9 times out of ten) that YOU will not be thanked. In fact, you will be forever the one who is attached to the truth, and by attachment I mean an ugly wart that sprouts hairs will be plastered on the middle of your forehead ever ytime the wife looks at you.  She won't be able to help it.  Now you could say, why does she have to know it's me? Well she doesn't, you could go that way, but then you'd see the wart when you looked in the mirror.  Oh it will be there ok. 
         Now if you don't tell, no wart, but a no good lying two face ratfink SOB has turned you into a doormat. So you can't even look in the mirror, unless it goes down to the floor, like at the shoe store. 
God Bless