Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gratitude VS Attitude

Sometimes you do someone a big favor and they thank you. Sometime you do the same favor for someone else and they hate you forever.  Gratitude on the one hand, attitude on the other. It's less mysterious than it seems.   A favor says "I own you" You may not mean it that way, but that's what it says. You are up. The other person is down.  Maybe in no other respects than the favor you are going to do them, but that's what it is.   I could never get my father, may he rest, let me even buy him an ice cream cone. . UNLESS I bought one for myself that I didn't really want and then said. Will you do me a favor? I can't finish this ice cream cone. THEN he would take it. TRUTH


lilyliberty said...

This is true- at the same time, it's why I like "pay it forward" - it still has the same idea- I owe you You owe me- but it allows the karmic forces to make the decision on when the pay back takes place

The Madrone said...

That's the only way to deal with it, when you do something for someone who can't possibly return the favor, like when you have a kid.. I mean, they can't have you back, they can only have kids of their own. So you tell them, hey, someone had me...they did OK by me, so I'm doing Ok by you, and if you have any sense of gratitude whatsoever, when your turn comes then you do Ok by whoever. This sounds simple but it gets mucked up when someone breaks the chain of OK. Then that's a whole different story which is - and this is what is a real kick in the slats-WAY more interesting than if everyone is nice. What's that about??