Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So where were we? Yeah, you have a serious problem, someone backstabbed you. No way are you going to ignore. Ok then, good idea, you're gonna do something.
Vengeance: You can make them pay, which only works if you have something that they want. Example: My neighbor's ex husband, may he rest, was a good provider, (not much else) He left ALL, and I mean ALL, every last cent, to his first wife, left wives two, three and four (my neighbor) out without a pot. Now the three xes wanted payback, but what could they do? They didn't have anything he wanted. Warning- With vengeance, there is always a splash back.
Forgive: So should they forgive? Well in the case of the stiffed ex wives, they couldn't. Sounds pazzo, but forgiveness only works if you have something they want, too. Otherwise, it's something else, which we'll talk about tomorrow. Forgiveness is really nice, noble, but most people can't really do it. They only SAY they are, but what they are really doing is plastering on the guilt. And guilt is a waste of time.