Tuesday, June 08, 2010

More on donuts

The donut conversation went on for quite sometime... After everyone agreed to disagree on how the donuts GOT to the bbq,  everyone started to eat them. One mother said to her kid, who, between you and me, would have done well to stop after the first ten, hey fatso, stop stuffing yourself.  No one said anything, because it was the mother, and there's no point in interfering, but I noticed a few eyeballs rolling.  The rolling meant a few different things though.
  1. Put the kid on a strict one donut limit.
  2. Don't call the kid names, no wonder he's eating like there was no tomorrow.
  3. Let the kid eat.
 Any of the above might be a good conversation starter in another universe, but in this one you can't tell a mother anything. Oh people try all the time, but it does no good. 

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