Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things to get straight 2

Dear Readers, here's another thing we need to get straight, ASAP. Believe me your life will be much simpler if you could only understand this one thing.
THE WORLD IS MESSED UP.  It is.  It's not you, it's how it is.  Once you understand that, you will realize that instead of all whine whine, why me why is my life a mess, you can get past that part and get to ok then so now what.  So many people are writing to me, Madrone, my daughter is not paying attention to what I tell her, she goes out with a no good,  my neighbor doesn't respect my grapevines, so what if they hang over his property, my cousin's sister's husband lost his job, they don't have heat, must I help them since they waste all their money on figurines from LLadro?  These are all good questions and EVERYONE has something like it to figure out. So cheer up. If your life isn't a mess in some way or another you've got two possibilities. One is you are completely oblivious, and there are people who think things are fine when the house is actually burning down around them or two, you are not actually a human being, you are from the planet DreamWorld, which is to say you are completely oblivious.
God bless, Donna

PS. I mean this to make you feel better.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some Things to Get Straight 1

Readers, I have to get some things straight with you. I know you write me thinking you actually have a question, but the truth is NOBODY, hardly ever, writes me because they don't know what to do. Here's how it is. They write because they KNOW what to do and they aren't very happy about it for one reason or another.  That's it.  So take this for example

Dear Madrone, I lost my best friend's earring that she lent me. They were tear drops with a sapphire that went perfect with the dress I wore to my daughters wedding. But they were clip on and I lost one during the conga line.  We looked everywhere after, not a trace.   What do I do?   Sad, but  does it have to be true

Dear Sad,  You tell her and you make it good. Period.. Maybe she'll be mad, maybe she won't but that makes no difference.  Why are you even asking me this? Are you planning to lie?Fake it for insurance? (I have relatives who do that on a regular basis, but they are flat out liars and not nice people, I have to admit, even though it pains me to say so.  )  Take the heat up front. 
God bless, Donna  

See what I mean? I get this all the time. But, hey, don't let me stop you from asking, sometimes you just got to hear it from someone else.