Saturday, June 16, 2007

A real dilly

Dear Madrone, The other day, I was sitting at my formica table, in the kitchen, trying to get my papers in order, and staring at the pictures on my refrigerator, of the kids and their kids, all smiling, but none of them as young anymore as they are in those pictures. I can't complain, my children call me, they come around, and they treat me right. And my health is not bad considering I'm pushing 90. But all the papers, the bills, and the junk, it comes every day, rain or shine, and I wonder why we go through it all. make ourselves crazy trying to get our kids raised, keep food on the table, the house clean, all of it, since in the end, we check out, people divide up the stuff, and maybe say a few nice words, or shed some tears. What's the point of it all? Sitting around, Merrick

Dear Sitting, What do I look like? The Pope? As my father used to say, may he rest, if you could talk people out of being crazy, the looney bins would be empty. I have nothing to tell you that is going to me of much use. You have a nice house, good health and children who show you respect, even if you don't appreciate it. Somehow this is ruining your day. It takes all kinds.
God bless, Donna

Readers, remind me tomorrow to tell you more about a shot of stupid. It's not sinking in.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What can you do?

Dear Madrone, What can you do when you hear something awful has happened? I never know. Befuddled, Millville.

Dear Befuddled,
look at it this way, even when you don't hear it, something awful has happened, is happening or will be happening. You know this, it isn't any big lightbulb I'm turning on for you. My point is that you get up and make the coffee and go to work if you have a job, or whatever it is that you spend your precious minutes on. And the awful things keep coming. I recommend a shot of stupid. Not too much of one, because that can get you arrested, just enough for you to make the sad face, say the sympathetic word, but still get the dog out for its walk. God bless, Donna

PS. Nice things happen all the time too, that's what's so crazy.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back Again

Hey, how ya doing? It's been a while, what can I say? I've been busy. Family stuff.. weddings, babies, good things..I wish I could say I learned something, but actually I knew it all already. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying anything special except that I know the rules of family and they always apply. They do. Not a single thing I've been through this past year makes me think any different. Now you could say, hey, your mind is made up, Madrone, so how could you learn anything? But what do you know about my mind, it's open... like a book or a door, or my cousin Silla's house, which she never locked because she was crazy.. Someone could have waltzed in and stole the pillow out from under her head, but they never did, so she always figured she was right not to lock. That's exactly how open my mind is. I will try to break it down for you, little by little, in the meantime...I got stuff I gotta do. God bless, Donna