Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In Laws

Right around this time of year, people like to have weddings. It's like they think that nice weather means a nice life. Which it may or may not, what do I know? I do know a thing or two about in laws. I've seen plenty of good people come to grief because they have no idea of the dangers that lurk. Kind of like you're on a boat, and the weather is great (hah!) and the sea is calm and you are singing a song, thinking everything is hunky dory, but you have a crappy map and what it doesn't tell you is that under the surface there are very pointy rocks that are going to rip a hole in the floor, or whatever it is they call the bottom of a boat, and the water that floods in is going to drown you and sink your ship.

So think of the next few days of advice as a really good map, which you should not leave in the trunk of your car.