Sunday, February 08, 2009

So what is Respect?

   So the question comes up, if respect is such a big deal, what exactly is it? How do I know if I have it, how do I know if I'm getting it.  Sometimes I am surprised at the questions I have to answer, but then I think, of course I have to answer them. That's why I'm the Madrone. If people knew these things without asking..well the truth is they DO know these things, but they don't believe it unless someone like me tells them.
So respect.  It isn't 100% love, and it isn't 100% fear, but it's a combo of the both mixed with admiration for  the integrity and spine of  some who has savvy.   There's actually a formula that goes like this
 Respect  =   L  [Ad(Int + Sp) + Sa]/F       Do the math.  

God bless, Donna

PS- Coming soon, examples for those of you who stunk at algebra

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