Sunday, June 06, 2010

Flowers VS Vegetables

Dear Madrone,
    I live with my sister, both of our husbands have passed, may they rest, and while it's sad they're gone, they were good providers and we're not big spenders anyhow.  So everything is hunky dory. Except this. I myself love a flower garden. My sister thinks they're a waste and wants vegetables.  We bicker over this every year, and have never come to any agreement.  So please we ask you, which is better?
Sisters, ok except for this one thing.

Dear Sisters, 
  I beg to differ with you, if this is the thing that bothers you so much that you need to waste my precious minutes, then you are definitely not OK.  This so called problem is so easy there are at least one thousand ways to solve it. Here's ten
  1. Take half the garden each year
  2. Take turns every other year
  3. Let the other person have her way because you love her
  4. have no garden at all
  5. Mix the flowers with the vegetables every year
  6. Flip a coin each year, the winner gets to pick
  7. Ask a random stranger (or ten or thirty, however many) what they think you should do and do that.
  8. Repeat #7 only do the opposite of what other people think.
  9. Add up the number values of the words flower and vegetable, and then compare them to the winning numbers of the Pick 5 on the first day after the danger of frost is passed and whatever is closest, do that.
  10. Decide if you spend more on cut flowers or fresh vegetables and go with that
I could go on and on and on, but just in case you don't get my point, here it is. You haven't solved this problem because you DON'T WANT TO.   That's a whole other question, which is one you haven't asked, but should.
God bless, Donna

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