Thursday, May 13, 2010

When things get OFFICIAL

By Official I mean that the families understand that a new family is going to be created. This is a big deal, and there has been much blood and tears shed, particularly when people enter into it unmindful of all the dangers. So a word to the parents involved. This is IMPORTANT. I don't know how many times people tell me that they never met the mother and the father or the whoever is in that place of the person their kid is going to marry until the wedding. GET A GRIP! And along with the grip, get the address and the phone number or the whatever from the intended of your kiddo and pull on your grownup panties and make nice. I say get it from the intended just in case THEY have strong objections, which they might...but that might be worth getting out in the open early. I for one don't care for surprises, like one time, my aunt's niece was gonna marry a guy and it turned out that he was wanted in four states by four different women, who wanted him to come home and help sweep out the yard of the house they'd bought when they'd gotten married. (Guess who paid for the houses, BTW...the ladies, of course, no surprise there)

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