Monday, July 28, 2008


Dear Betrayed,
   You wrote me with this question: How could I possibly hurt them as much as they've hurt me?  Many people ask me this all the time, for all sorts of reasons, not just the one you have.  And I answer, always the same thing=You can't.  It isn't to say that you can't hurt them, because you can do that, no problem, but not as much as they've hurt you, because the way it works is this= vengeance comes back at you.  It just does.  So add the hurt that they did to you + the splash back hurt from your vengeance, and it will always be that you hurt more.   
   The question you didn't ask, but I will answer, just on the off chance that you didn 't know you should have asked it, and might possibly be interested in the advice (which most likely you aren't, but even so, someone might) is this: What now?  
  There are four possibilities, 
A. Ignore
B. Respond
  • Forgiveness
  • Vengeance
C. Forget
D. Fuggedaboudit.

I will discuss these tomorrow.  God Bless, Donna

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