Monday, April 03, 2006

I take pity

Dear Friends,I will take pity on you and explain what exactly is a doormat, so you can judge for yourself.

A doormat is walked on, left in the rain, and smeared with mud and snow, and hardly ever washed. SO if you have been doing someone a favor,and they never pay back in any way shape or form, OR if you lend $1000 even after the last $1000 hasn't been returned, or you say yes, because you want to keep peace, even when you really mean let me first punch you in the nose before I say NO. OR if you don't have a gracious heart, and you resent whatever it is you're doing, maybe bringing the laundry up from the basement, or letting someone borrow your car for the fourteenth time but they don't replace the gas they use, or you smile when you'd rather frown. Once doesn't make you a doormat, but twice can, and after three times you might want to check to see what that is stamped across your face that makes people want to wipe their shoes on you. God bless, Donna


Gina Marie said...

Dear Donna,
I used to be a doormat. I couldn't take the abuse anymore. Letting people, quite literally, walk all over me. Now I am a strong woman, even in my current relationship with an "oldest child" who likes to take control. But I am the real man in this relationship, and he knows it. Being a doormat was a sad existance.

Gina Marie said...
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